• The Original

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    This is the bag that started it all. The Original backpack is a minimalist backpack designed to make your everyday carry as easy as possible. With a separate pocket dedicated to books and folders, this backpack is ideal for students and commuters.

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  • The Rucksack

    $120.00$165.00 Available on June 9, 2017.
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    Taking a day trip? The Rucksack features a drawstring top compartment secured by a two buckled flap. Along with a secret pocket, The Rucksack can hold everything you need for a day away in the mountains.

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  • The Rolltop

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    Camping for the weekend? The Rolltop features the most room in our bag lineup. The expandable top compartment allows for several days worth of clothes and all of your important gear.

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  • The Protective Insert

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    The removable insert allows your camera bag to easily turn into everyday backpack. Quick side door access allows you to swiftly access your camera so you never miss a memory. The organizational dividers allow you to arrange your gear to best fit your workflow. Above all else, the insert is fully sealable to offer maximum protection for your gear. We want to conveniently protect your gear to help you get out there and shoot.


    Dimensions: 8.75in (L) x 3.5in (W) x 7.5in (H)

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