Our Mission

How We Started

The first Brevite backpack was born when Brandon (an industrial designer) bought a sewing machine to sew the first Brevite prototype.

He joined forces with his younger twin brothers, Dylan (the marketing twin) and Elliot (the finance twin), to launch the original hybrid camera backpack.

Five years (and hundreds of prototypes) later, Brevite is now run in Brooklyn, NY with a goal to offer fun, innovative backpacks that support your everyday.

How we're helping!

Supporting people and ideas is what we do.

Beyond supporting your everyday, we are committed to giving back to support others. Here’s what we’ve done this year.

Supporting the People.

  • $150K backpack donation for the homeless in New York City.

  • $35K to Direct Relief to support the fight against COVID-19.

  • $10K to support young people.

Supporting the Planet.

  • We’ve committed to incorporating recycled materials into all our products by 2021

    But we don’t believe that this alone is enough.

  • Above everything else, we create products built to last you a lifetime

    We want you to use our products for years to come so that you can buy less and use more.

We've got your back

Literally. Your backpack goes a lot of places with you: work. school. gym. travels. It’s something you wear everyday, so it probably says a lot about you. We want you to feel comfortable and confident so that you can conquer the journey you're on.

Our Values

1 We enable and support each individual’s creativity.

2 We lead by example.

3 We treat everyone fairly in all we do.

4 We are serious about play.