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We started Brevitē

 in 2015 to address issues facing photographers. Four fast years later, we’ve watched countless explorers travel the world and share their experiences doing what they love. It’s inspiring to watch as we live through each of you and your journeys.  


Moving into 2019 and beyond,

Brevite is expanding to support every aspect of your active everyday life. Our goal moving forward is quite simple: to support your endless pursuit to do what drives you. This may be supporting you to find your dream job, start a company, travel the world, or collide your work and your life for the better. Whatever makes you tick, we want to support it.


Here's what we value

🏭 Ethical Factories: We believe consumers have the right to know the factories that their products are made. We make sure to work with ethical factories.


🌱 Sustainable Products: We take our environmental impact seriously. By 2021, we have a goal to make the majority of our products used by post-consumer recycled materials.


 Positive Impact: Doing good is at our core. We do our share to support non-profits, entrepreneurs, and others.