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Why are Good Camera backpacks so expensive?

Brevitē founder, Dylan Kim, was traveling abroad ands looking for a backpack to hold his camera. As a photographer, he quickly realized that good looking, functional camera backpacks were hard to find.

“I searched and searched for a backpack that could hold my camera, laptop, a couple other everyday items and that didn’t look like a clunky camera backpack. I couldn’t find what I wanted to we decided to make it.”

The idea for Brevite actually started with a handmade backpack that Dylan's brother made for him. Dylan was frustrated by the lack of pleasing camera backpack options. His friends loved the backpack and kept asking where he got it. He and his brothers decided to start a brand to bring a fresh take to the space.

So Brevitē was born. With a mission and passion to create insanely functional backpacks for an honest and affordable price.

Single most important item you carry everyday

Single most important item you carry everyday

Virtually every photographer agrees that a comfortable, functional camera backpack is an essential workhorse for every day.

Unlike a cheaper camera bags, a high-quality camera backpack will last longer, allow you to go farther with ease, last a lifetime, and in general, make taking pictures easier and more fun.

Point is, it’s something worth investing in. The problem has been the astronomical price tag that comes with a great one. Until now.

The Importance of a Great Camera Backpack

See for yourself why Brevite is first in its class

What makes a great camera backpack?

What makes a great camera backpack?

A great backpack should feel good on your back, function as it should and hold up over time to the rigors of your adventures. Simple, right? But behind these deceptively simple concepts are centuries of tradition, technology, design, and craft.

The camera backpack world is split into two major players: Function, known for its toughness and durability and aesthetics known for its razor-sharp edge. Rather than pick a side, we opted to cherry pick the best from each to create the ultimate hybrid.

The end result? A camera backpack that looks great, but will also remain durable over the long haul.

The Perfect Balance

The Perfect Balance
  • 15" Laptop Pocket

    The laptop is an essential part to the photographer's workflow. That's why all our backpacks can fit a 15" laptop

  • Weather Resistant

    Our backpacks are crafted from a high quality 600D nylon with a TPU lined interior making them incredibly weather resistant. Plus they all come with a raincover (just in case 😊)

  • Removable Camera Insert

    Each of our backpacks comes with a removable camera insert making your camera backpack convertable to a normal day pack if need be.

Handcrafted Down to the Smallest Detail

Handcrafted Down to the Smallest Detail

We’ve went through over 16 prototypes developing this camera backpack because every little detail matters. And partly because we're a bit insane.

At every step along the way, our backpack was hand tested and refined by professional photographers, avid hobbyists, product designers, and people who’ve never even held used a camera backpack before.

The final result? A camera backpack that’s incredibly functional, built to last, and crafted from the highest quality materials making getting out there a breeze.

We could charge a lot...

We could charge a lot...

We could easily charge $275+ for a camera backpack like some other companies based on the quality and design. We think that’s insane. By partnering closely with our factories and selling directly to you online,  we’re able to offer incredible products at wholesale pricing. Better materials, lower price. It’s a simple maxim that we take seriously at Brevitē.

Dont' Take Our Word For it

  • "Extremely Well-Designed For Organizing Gear"

  • "I think the Rucksack is a real home run"

  • "I Could Not Be Happier About the Features Available in This Bag"

  • "Best Money I've Ever Spent"

Average Customer Rating

4.7 out of 5 Star

"Truly the Only Bag You'll Ever Need"
- Jeremiah H.

"Great Customer Service & Speedy Shipping"
- Brian C.

"Great Quality"
- Lise H.

"Been on my wish list for years. So happy I decided to finally get one"
- Spencer H.

"Best backpack for filmmakers and photographers"
- Thatcher N.

"It's nondescript and doesn't scream I've got expensive things in here"
- Joel P.

"Holly Molly!! This camera backpack is bomb!!"
- Gracie M.

"It's Made Travel So Much Easier!"
- Ferrin C.

No Risk All Reward

No Risk All Reward

We're confident this is the best camera backpack you'll ever own for a price that'll make you feel savvy as hell.  But we understand you may be skeptical. So give it a try. Worry-free.

If anything ever happens to your backpack, we'll replace it for the rest of your life.

Try it out. Take it to the limits. If you're still not happy, just send it back

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