How We Work

Brevitē is a lifestyle brand that sells camera, travel, and commuter backpacks for the Modern Explorer. With the use of Affiliate Marketing, you can make a commission by referring sales to us. We use a service called Viglink to track these referred sales. Viglink is free for all affiliates and is very simple to setup!


Setting up Viglink

If you own a blog or website, please follow the steps below to setup Viglink, our Affiliate Marketing Service.

1. Signup with Viglink . If you are an influencer, please continue in the influencer section below.
2. Install the Viglink Plugin if you use WordPress. If not, insert the javascript into your site.
3. If using WordPress, insert the API key into the Plugin.
4. Search for Brevite under “Merchants”, and select Brevite once you find it.



If you are a social media influencer and you are interested in working with Brevitē, you do not need to set up a website! Viglink Anywhere is a service offered that allows for you to share a link on your social and track commissions.

1. Signup with Viglink, go to Viglink Anywhere and enter “” into the “Enter a URL” field. Then hit “Build”.
2. Click “Shorten with” to create a cleaner url, and hit “Build” again.
3. Paste the link in your bio or share on your social!