The Roamer offers protection and organization with a sleek lightweight design. Roam freely with this weather-sealed expandable 20-liter pack and see where your adventures take you. Finally, a backpack as active as you.

Size: 17" x 11" x 5.5"    Weight: 2lbs    Capacity: 20L

Included: Crossbody Insert



600D TPU Nylon
1000D TPU Nylon


17” x 11” x 5.5”




YKK Flexseal Zippers

15” Laptop Sleeve

Hidden Pocket for Valuables


Tripod Holders

Drone and Audio Equipment compatible

ITW Nexus + Fidlock Hardware


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Gonzalo R.
United States

10 out of 10

This backpack is everything I've wanted and didn't know I needed in a backpack. Everything about it is so sleek and detailed and every inch of the backpack is maximized to it's optimal usage. From the insert which can hold a lot more than I originally thought, to the zippered back flap that allows you to fill the backpack like you would a suitcase, this backpack is top notch. 10/10

Eddie O.
United States

La amo

Aunque la espera fue muy larga, la mochila es perfecta es muy práctica y multifuncional me encanto la amo

Long T.
United States

Love the bag, but a few small things I am not a fan of

The Roamer bag is nice. I don't like the bottom clips though, as they seem to un-clip too easily and dangle without me knowing. Also, the new camera bag for the inside is not as good as the older version. Other than that, I do love the Roamer backpack for everyday use. I like to use the older Rucksack backpack for my camera gear better.

A Brevitē Customer
Norge .
United States

It's good, but

The package was sticky on the bag...

Justin D.
United States

The Roamer - A Bag With A Big Heart

Since learning of this bag's existence on Kickstarter, I know that I wanted it. It offered me many features, such as space and the camera cube to allow me to travel with it maxed out. Is it a perfect bag? No, it's not. Is it close to perfect? It could be depending on who you ask. Let me be frank; there's no such thing as a perfect bag, let alone an ideal camera bag. There are features that this bag offers that I would like to see expanded on in another iteration of the pack. There's a lot to want with something like this, and I've found over the past month and a half that I've had it, that this bag is ideal for most of the stuff that I do. Right away, when I first put my hands on the bag, I noticed how light it was. This bag weighs practically nothing. Even with the camera cube laid haphazardly inside it. The material made out of some nice weather resistant material that feels great to the touch, and it will show signs of use within a weeks time of using the bag. The bag offers two clips on the bottom of the bag that I haven't used yet, but it's great for carrying a tripod or a small blanket or towel around. The water bottle pockets are nice, but I feel the mesh could be made better, I think that when I put bottles or even tripods in the pockets that the material could rip, but thankfully that hasn't happened... yet. On the exterior of the bag, we have two pockets for storage, one at the very top of the bag and one on the back of the pack under the magnetic hook. All the zippers on the bag, including the cube, are made out of YKK weather resistant material, which is excellent; however when the pack is packed at or beyond maxed capacity, the zippers do become exposed. The back exterior pocket is great for holding two pens, some notepads, and small charging accessories. However, I had to purchase a Peak Design pouch to place in there because I ran out of space for all the stuff that I had been carrying, which fits snuggly in there behind the large pocket. Yay! There's a secret pocket on the inside of the hood of the bag that I haven't used yet, but probably will when I travel abroad in October. Before entering the main compartment of the bag there's a nice drawstring that you can pull up on, however, after a month and a half of use, the string seems to be having some slack and doesn't feel secure. On the inside of the bag, there's space, which I will talk about shortly, that will allow up to a fifteen-inch MacBook Pro to be inside. There are also to magnetic ports that you can pop the camera cube into. However, I found that the right port doesn't seem to fully lock the camera cube in place when carrying it around, which is somewhat disappointing. Now, the primary reason I got this bag, was so that I could pack tons of stuff into it. In my head, I thought this could be a proper one and all travel bag... but I was wrong. There's one competitor that makes a bag that is larger than this and that holds far more than what this bag offers at 16 litters. Now, this bag is fantastic as a daily carry bag, especially when packed out with some of my photo gear. But it's primary use has been for traveling to and from work carrying much notepads and lunch and on weekends it's my go-to camera bag. However, space is the biggest issue that I have with it. I wish it could hold more as a long-term travel bag. I would say this is more like a daily carry/weekend/travel camera bag. When using the camera cube and packing cubes trying to pack this bag out for a weekend of up to a week's worth of traveling, it's very doable, but space runs out rather quickly. There's not enough of it, and I wish there were more. I'll be honest, I would rather pay more for a 30L version of this bag and would most likely love the **** out of it. For these reasons alone, I'm giving the bag a 4 out of 5.