Crossbody Insert

The Crossbody Insert fits into your backpack to hold, protect, and organize your gear.  The customizable dividers will accommodate all your different gear and the back zipper allows for easy access when inside your backpack. Instantly remove this weather-proof insert to wear it as a crossbody bag by attaching the Brevitē Strap. While wearing, you can quickly access your gear from the top zipper or by opening the top flap. This insert provides maximum function so you can be more versatile than ever before.

Dimensions: 11"W x 7"H x 5"D

Compatibility: Roamer, Scout

Lifetime warranty 3–5 Day
Domestic Shipping


With the use of the Brevitē Camera Strap, you can make your Insert into a crossbody bag. 


Rearrange the layout of the insert for different adventures. You’re not always traveling with the same equipment. Sometimes you want to shoot with a mirrorless instead of a DSLR, or a drone instead a GoPro. Or sometimes you want to pack lunch or your sneakers. Our customizable insert has you covered.