A Sad Day In Film

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Today is a sad day in film. This is not the first time Fujifilm has raised prices and killed lines of film. (The day they cut Fuji 3000b was a very sad day for me). This chart shows that film prices will rise as of October 2015:



This chart on the other hand shows the film lines that will be discontinued in the upcoming years:




Now I’m a huge fan of Provia 400H and Velvia 50. Shooting film is already getting more and more expensive each day. Provia 400H is able to render these beautiful tones of green and blue. Velvia, on the other hand, is a slide film and produces these incredibly vivid tones. I have only shot a single roll of Velvia, but boy was it exciting to see the results. I’m happy that Provia 400H is not being discontinued, but nonetheless, I will be stockpiling both film for the rest of the year. If you have not tried these films now is a better chance than ever!

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