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5 Necessities For An Urban Adventure

July 15, 2015

5 Necessities For An Urban Adventure


Or any mode or transportation that allows you to cover great distances quickly. This is really up to personal preference. I just really enjoy longboards since they are light enough to be taken pretty much anywhere and allow for me to experience the ebb and flow of the city. Credits: Credits:


The one pictured is a Yashica T4 and though this may look like a cheap film camera, they go for over $100 online. Really any film point and shoot will work though. I like film because when I am trying to find new places, it makes me slow down and truly take in my surrounds. Point and shoots are nice because they are usually fully automatic letting you take pictures in a more snapshot way.Credits: Credits:


Go Pros are truly one of the most versatile video cameras on the market today. I love trying to find new ways to mount it. It really unlocks a new level of creativity. They are also small enough they won’t take up any space in your pocket or backpack. Credits: Credits:


This is commonly overlooked, but your mind can only remember so much. Whether you write in-depth entries or just words to describe how you feel. Some of my greatest memories are locked forever since I had a journal on me and was able to capture my senses at that moment. [caption id="attachment_388" align="aligncenter" width="675"]Credits: Credits:


And of course, what would an urban adventure be without our lightweight photography daypack. This bag can carry all the above and more. If you have a smaller skateboard, you can even carry it in the bottom tripod holder! A dedicated backpack is always a must whenever you venture anywhere. It is nice to have an organized place for everything and know that whatever you are carrying is safely protected. Brevite Lightweight Camera Daypack

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