5 Film Cameras on My Wishlist

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Here is a list of cameras that I would buy in a heartbeat if I could.


After watching the documentary, “Finding Vivian Maier” (incredibly inspirational by the way) how could you not want one of these beautiful machines? This is a Twin Lens Reflex Camera. Where one lens is used for viewing and one is for taking the photo. Viewing the world through a waist level viewfinder really makes you see the world differently. It also can be less awkward because you aren’t making eye contact with your subjects. This camera takes 120 medium format film and shoots in a 6x6 format or a square format.


Credit: http://kwakualston.com/ Credit: http://kwakualston.com/[/caption]


The Contax G2 might be one of the more interesting cameras on this list. It may look like a rangefinder but it has autofocus. The Contax is sought after for the unique Zeiss glass . The Zeiss glass coupled with autofocus and an internal light meter makes the Contax G2 a great system for all types of shooting. [caption id="attachment_379" align="alignright" width="1000"]Credit: https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8241/8552016547_8d11d2bc2b_b.jpg Credit: https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8241/8552016547_8d11d2bc2b_b.jpg[/caption]


The Contax T2 is a 35mm point and shoot that can take a beating. I once saw one of these with several large dings in the body and still functioning like new. Because the Contax T2 is completely automatic, it is great for snapping quick snapshots. This camera also has one of the best optics on any point and shoot camera.Credit: http://yashica.org/files/yashica.org_t2_1_512.jpg Credit: http://yashica.org/files/yashica.org_t2_1_512.jpg[/caption]


The Pentax 67 is an absolute monster of a camera. It is a medium format SLR camera. Every time you press the shutter the ground might shake under the tremendous CLAP of the mirror slap. The most popular lens for the Pentax 67 is the 105mm 2.4 and it produces some of the most beautiful bokeh you will find in photography. The depth of the swirly bokeh is mesmerizing. This would be a great camera for a 35mm analog photographer looking to get into medium format photography. Plus you can slap a wooden grip on this camera and it looks beautiful.


Pentax 67 Credit: http://www.cameratechs.com/[/caption]


The Hasselblad 500cm is a medium format SLR camera that is primarily used with a waist level viewfinder. The square images that this camera produces are breathtaking. What is really cool about the Hasselblad 500cm is that it is a completely modular system. This means that every part even down to the film crank is interchangeable. That means that you can use two film backs and alternate in between shooting color and black and white without having to finish the roll.


Hasslebad CM

Credit: http://thingd-media-ec4.thefancy.com/default/296445297_3e640e03b81c.jpg

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