Our Mission


“We made this for you. For every creative mind that wants to go the distance. To allow you to go beyond, to dream beyond, and to live beyond anything you thought possible. Beauty surrounds us from the thin mountain air we breathe to the flickering of the cosmos that paints the sky. Go explore.”

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How Brevite Got Started

We wanted to make a bag for the modern dreamer. Through simple and honest design we created our original bag. Photography is a beautiful form of artistic expression. In order to build great things, a craftsman needs their tools. We have created a way for photographers to simply yet effectively carry their tools. Our goal is to allow you all to build more. Keep on creating. Keep on dreaming.

Our Story

We are three brothers out of Boston. We are the dreamers, builders, and believers that decided to make unique tools for the explorer in all of us. From sunrises, cascading mountain sides and salt water air, we want you to be able to take in the world around us. We are all on a journey of self-exploration, and we invite you to join us in this pursuit of passion. Let’s set the world aflame. Welcome to the family. Go Explore.

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